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Bespoke Psychic & Mediumship Training Development 

Most of us have a fascination in the mysterious Psychic abilities that all humans are born with however, we do not take the time to slow down and listen to our own inbuilt intuition and strengthen the abilities we have. 

To some, this comes more naturally then others. Just like playing sports, some are naturally gifted, where as others need to work and develop the ability. 

Psychic Training
Mediumship Training

Psychic Development

Psychic information comes from the subconscious which is continually trying to send this information to the conscious mind. For this to work, you need to learn how to transfer what your subconscious recognises to your conscious mind.

We are all spirit living a human experience and learning how to work and blend with you're own spirit will enable the start of you’re psychic work to begin.

During this psychic training will cover and teach you the following:

  • Psychic Ability Explained


  • A Brief Historical Perspective


  • Grounding and Protection


  • Meditation, Calming & Stilling The Mind


  • Awareness of Your Own Psychic Ability 


  • Developing You're Unique Psychic Abilities


  • Understanding You're Energy & Others Energy


  • Auras & Chakras 


  • I Introduce You To You're Spirit Guide & How To Bond & Work With


  • The Psychic Ability Of Psychometry


  • Develop & Strengthen The 6 Clairs


  • Tools - Dowsing, Tarot, Cards


  • How To Conduct Readings for a Friend or Client



Ash Sawyer Psychic Medium & Clairvoyant

Mediumship Development

Working closely together face to face or over zoom, we will explore, strengthen & enhance your abilities and confidence working with spirit. together we will identify you're unique way of working with spirit to become a better medium. If you are wishing to develop, you’re mediumship further into professional work or are already in that role then I can guide and teach you further onto a higher level.

During mediumship training, I will introduce you to you’re spirit guide & gate keeper, showing you how to bond and work closely with them.

I will teach you how to blend with spirit so you can access the wealth of detail which is available to be perceived about the life, personality, physicality and passing condition of spirit, for the aim to pass on great evidence to the recipient of the message. The evidence which is perceived in a message can be astoundingly accurate; the only limitations are often that which the medium places on themselves and their work.

There comes a point when the medium has given great evidence and demonstrating absolute intelligence behind the spirit and the continues existence from our loved ones on the other side and now gives a message to the recipient. It can often be the most powerful part of any communication. This can be enlightening, healing and often very moving, whilst still being evidential.

I will teach you the tools which a medium need and how to strengthen them which are Clairsentience – Feeling the information, Clairvoyance – Seeing the information, Clairaudience – Hearing the information Claircognisance- Knowing the information. Mediumship for most consist of some or all the Clairs to a degree however, each can be used and stimulated to become a regular part of your mediumistic messages.


During this mediumship training will cover and teach you the following:

  • The Difference Between Psychic & Mediumship


  • Ethical Boundaries & Professionalism


  • Confidence Building & Trusting Spirit 


  • The Clairs, How To Develop, Use & Strengthen Them


  • Understanding Your Own Energy & Spirit


  • Grounding & Protection


  • Opening Up To Work With Spirit


  • Meditation


  • How To Quiet & Still The Mind


  • How To Tune In


  • Spirit Guides And Gatekeepers


  • How To Blend With Spirit


  • How To Receive & Perceive Information 


  • How To Connection With You’re Own Spirit/Higherself

  • How To Conduct Private, Group & Platform Mediumship


  • Building Your Business - How To Work As A Professional Medium


Ash Sawyer Psychic Medium & Clairvoyant
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