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Ash Sawyer Psychic Medium & Clairvoyant

About Me

As a psychic medium I have a beautiful gift, connecting and working closely with my spirit guides and loved ones on the other side to bring through the information people need to know which helps and heals them when they need closure and direction to enable them to move forward with their lives. I have been able to use my gift to bring healing, hope, and comfort to many people.


I have been seeing, sensing and feeling spirit since the age of 13. As a teenager I was suffering with anxiety, as spirit would approach me trying to communicate by making me see, sense and feel different sensations. At the time I did not understand what this was which was causing the anxiety.

When I was 18 my mother brought the family tickets to a mediumship event in Lincoln. Towards the end of this event the medium came to me and explained, everything I was seeing, sensing and feeling is spirit coming through to communicate with me which is the cause of my anxiety. She told me, people in this world are hand selected by spirit to use the gift as a light worker to help, heal and bring comfort to people and I am one of them people hand selected. 

I continued with my life and did not do anything with my gift. When I was 22, I knew I wanted to help and heal people, so I left home and went to university to study nursing. At that point studying and working with patients in the hospitals, I knew just what to say or do to make their day better. At that point I then understood, I help and heal people though my voice.

I was then introduced to a spiritual teacher who taught me how to use my gift which I then accepted and decided to us for delivering healing messages that would help people learn, grow, and embrace life to the fullest.

People often ask me how I communicate with spirit. Sprit makes me see, feel, sense and know what to say. Spirit communicates with me through the sixth sense. The main way spirit communicates with me is through showing me signs and symbols. I then use this information and what I am feeling to interpret the message the best I can.

I am the most grateful person for having this beautiful gift that’s brought joy and comfort to many people but also proving, there is life after life which enables people to trust that their loved ones are safe and at peace, guiding and encouraging us from the other side.

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